Do you like playing simple arcade style games on your smartphone? If so, Tobias Ornberg has done it once again with a super simple retro shooter for iOS and Android – where your fidgeting could actually help you win…

Dodge Blast (by Tobias Ornberg) is a game with a name that could just as well be a tutorial explaining how the game is played. Played using a grand total of 2 on-screen buttons – 3 including the pause button 😛 – Dodge Blast is played by skillfully dodging from one side of the screen to the other while shooting at countless enemies that rain down on you from above.

As you can probably already imagine, playing a game with only 2 buttons is super easy, and should only take you a few minutes to fully get the hang of. 🎮

With power-ups, you can collect in order to power-up your spacecraft, and a wacky reload system that requires you to dodge once, in order to reload your guns, Dodge Blast is simple and easy to play, yet tricky enough that players actually have something to get addicted to.

If you would like to absolutely destroy this game, there does seem to be one error (not a bug) we have found that allows you to succeed in this game fairly easily… Each of the ships in this game either has fast movement speed or a few extra bullets you can fire before you are required to reload your ship’s guns.

As we mentioned above, each time you dodge you are essentially given more bullets to fire, meaning that by choosing the fastest ship you own and spamming the dodge and fire buttons simultaneously, you can basically create a wall of bullets nothing but money and items can get past. …although this is fun, it probably isn’t exactly how the developers intended players to play the game…

With a clean set of arcade-style pixelated graphics, not too many Ads, and a super simple gameplay system we love yet again – check out our review of Hoppenhelm also by Tobias Örnberg – this is a game retro arcade style game lovers simply won’t be able to resist!

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a simple game you can play while on the fly, there are literally millions of options other than Dodge Blast available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play… However, you’ll struggle to find anything quite this simple and easy to play…

Tobias Örnberg has done it once again!

Want to give Dodge Blast a try? The download link is just below.📲
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