Dive Inside – A game that will teach you just how important Air really is…

Air is important. Without it, we will quite literally die, but in a game, we often take this simple fact of life for granted. Dive Inside (by YOMEN) is a game that very nearly shoves the hard truths of reality down your throat so that you may never forget them ever again…

Dive Inside is a game about diving. Set in what is presumably the coldest, and darkest part of the Pacific Ocean, your mission in this game is to dive down in search of a mysterious object called the “Night Sea”. “Your reward for venturing on this dark and dangerous mission?” You get to keep ALL the gold YOU collect while exploring!

…wait a second, this deal somehow doesn’t seem to add up…

Anyway, starting out in a small and rather shoddy submarine, your mission in this game starts out with you diving fairly close to the surface in search of gold you can use to upgrade your sub so that you can actually dive deep enough to reach the mysterious “Night Sea” your contractor is after. This process is incredibly long(!) and actually kind of annoying.

Your sub is essentially a ticking time bomb! In order to dive down in search of gold, your sub needs air. This makes sense. But the way in which it rockets up the instant you run out of air doesn’t.

The moment your sub runs out of oxygen, it will shoot up toward the surface, smashing into whatever is directly above it and dying – leaving its cargo wherever you died. This feature is just plain annoying and kind of ruins the fun of playing Dive Inside. In order to upgrade your submarine, you will need to make some rather daring dives into some deep and deadly caves.

If you die within one of these caves with a lot of gold and not a lot of air, you are going to have to painstakingly dive down 👉 collect your cargo 👉 move out a bit 👉 Die 👉 Repeat.

…simply put, this process of slowly recovering lost cargo is hell…

The Conclusion

Although the graphics in this game are great, the controls are simple, and the price isn’t too bad, Dive Inside is the first good game we’ve reviewed in a long time that we can’t honestly recommend…

If the developers change something, Dive Inside has the potential to become a great game, but unless something is changed, we honestly don’t look forward to playing this game again.

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