Dissembler – Break this puzzle game apart, one piece at a time…

When was the last time you dissected something? If you happen to work in a lab, you may still be able to smell the “thing” you just cut up🤮 …but for the majority of us, you don’t usually break things apart simply for the sake of breaking them apart…

Dissembler (by Ian MacLarty) is a new and very unique match 3 puzzle game about matching 3 or more color tiles together in order to disassemble the puzzle you are working on. Where most popular puzzle games on mobile seem to be about building up a massively high score or crushing candy, Dissembler is all about getting through the level without any leftover tiles.

…which, as you may have guessed can be an INCREDIBLY HARD THING TO DO…!!!

Strange as this may sound, Dissembler is centered mostly around inspiration and small sparks of brilliance rather than your ability to see patterns or simulate different situations. Played by touching and dragging on the screen of your device in order to swap the position of 2 tiles, there are a few things in this game you shouldn’t do in order to prevent the puzzle from becoming unsolvable, but other than that, Dissembler is simple and easy enough to figure out.

With over 120 uniquely handcrafted puzzles for you to enjoy, 6 new daily puzzles for you to try your hand at + instructions on how to solve them 24 hours later, an endless mode, and a beautifully simple set of 3D visuals, this is yet another simple puzzle game, puzzle lovers will probably want to check out.

Personally, we enjoy the fact that there isn’t a “Best Solution” meaning you won’t ever be left with a feeling of failure even though you managed to solve the puzzle. There is also an easily accessible undo button which makes playing the game way easier than some other puzzles we have tested in the past…

The Conclusion

So, if puzzling your way through tricky and exciting puzzle games is something you would like to do on a daily basis, why not give Dissembler a try? You’ll probably find the puzzles in Dissembler much harder than they look…

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