There are a lot of games that say, “Impossibly Challenging” or “DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME” in the app description. In fact, you can say a lot of stupid things in the app description – hidden away from the majority of players who may actually take your advice seriously… DERE .EXE (by AppSir, Inc.) is a little crazier…

DERE .EXE – Please Do Not Play This Game (this is actually the title) is the first game we’ve reviewed that clearly warns players not to play the game in the title itself. After first installing the game, you will find your player in a futuristic 2D game-dev laboratory-like setting filled with platforms, diamonds, and enemies for you to avoid.

Played using a set of 3 large on-screen buttons you can use to move Left and Right as well as Jump, the controls in this game are actually kind of trash… In fact, the developer himself actually states within the game that: “The jumping kind of sucks…” So, if you (like us) die over and over again because of an awful jump mechanic, that is probably actually a feature… of sorts…😓

After completing the first level, things start getting a little weird…

The game slowly becomes more and more glitchy, and the dev-notes that at first seemed like just a cool way of adding flavor to a rather plain looking game start to get a little alarming. (We won’t say any more so as not to spoil it for you.)

Although all this is a great incentive to continue playing, from a purely game reviewer’s perspective, it may not come early enough in the game. We nearly gave up playing the game multiple times during the first 2 levels, (where there is hardly any action), and the only reason we continued playing was that we (to some extent) knew that something unexpected was supposed to happen – thanks to the online articles we read beforehand.

If you downloaded this game expecting a normal platformer, we believe there is a chance you would give up playing this game before you ever reached any of the action that makes DERE .EXE fun.

With not too many Ads, which is great considering just how many times you are going to die playing this game, a rather shocking ending, and glitchy visuals that are so realistic, we once mistook an actual glitch in the game for just another cool visual effect, DERE .EXE is the coolest 2D platformer/horror game we have ever played.

The Conclusion

If you are easily scared, this game may not be the best option for you, as it can at times be rather terrifying… If however, you actually enjoy having things jump out at you every so often, this is the game for you.

With a great storyline, multiple unexpected plot twists, and a bunch of extra challenging levels, DERE .EXE is a game we highly recommend you check out!

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