DERE EVIL EXE – More of Everything you loved about DERE .EXE!


 This Article DOES NOT Contain Spoilers! Read with ease…😉

Do you remember our review of a game we weren’t supposed to review? DERE .EXE is a pixelated 2D platformer / horror game for iOS and Android that terrorized us back in March of this year. On the 4th of July AppSir will be releasing their next title in the DERE EXE series called DERE EVIL EXE and we got to check it out just a little early…😜

DERE EVIL EXE picks up right where the original DERE .EXE left off. Starting out in a fresh new game, DERE EVIL EXE gives you a cool new player, better controls, and the same questionable game design choices we all know and love…🤔 (Ok, one spoiler, Coins Kill You…!? Really!?)

Anyway, getting back to the game, DERE EVIL EXE is “mostly” played using a set of 3 on-screen buttons which can be used to move your character left and right as well as jump. Typical platformer game controls. For anyone who remembers how bad the controls were in the original, these new controls will be a welcome surprise!

Jumping into the story, we promise not to spoil anything for you. So we will say nothing!
…actually, we will say just one thing, AppSir is pretty dark…😱

Last but not least, if you’d like to enjoy DERE EVIL EXE to its full potential, we recommend 2 things.

(1) Play DERE .EXE if you haven’t already.

(2) Disable Ads. Although they only appear something like every 5th time you GAME OVER, you will die a lot in this game so it is definitely worth it…

The Conclusion

If you enjoy playing casual horror games, nothing disgusting or too creepy, just the occasional jump scare to keep you awake at night, DERE EVIL EXE  is yet another great game from AppSir we really enjoyed.

After playing DERE EVIL EXE we’re not sure if we can trust AppSir anymore… If there is ever a part 3 we will have trouble deciding who we can trust… 😜

Want to give DERE EVIL EXE a try? The pre-order link is just below.📲
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