Do you love nice “slow paced” cat games? Well, today’s game isn’t one of them…‼️

Dashy the Cat is one of the fastest 2D platformer games we’ve ever seen that’s based on a cat! Set on a 2D stage made of very nice pixel graphics, your mission in this game is to dash from level to level while collecting super cute watermelon slices and avoiding enemies. Pretty simple.

Now, what surprised us most when playing this game, (more than the fact that instead of traveling up⬆️, your mission is to travel down⬇️), was the fact that there is no slowly scrolling stage that kills you if you ever get stuck or slow down. In fact, the only thing that can kill you in this entire game are the enemies that will only ever really move up and down or side to side, and small obstacles you’ll have to crash into yourself in order to die.

For players who constantly find themselves dying when they play super fast paced platformer games, (Almost 90% of games released lately😓), Daisy the Cat is a very nice game to have.

The controls you’ll use to move your super speedy player are also rather unique. By swiping up, down, left or right, your player will instantly dash to the nearest intersection or dead end, where you will once again be required to swipe in order to move.
(For players who have played Tomb of the Mask the controls should feel rather familiar.)

If you’re the type of player who prefers to play your games based on reason rather than on pure reaction time, this may just be the game you’ve been waiting for. With limitless thinking time (as far as we know) and speedy responses to your precise commands, you should be able to clear this game any day! …just so long as you never ever get slack or careless…💀

The Conclusion

Would you like to give the easiest game we’ve featured all week (just so long as you never ever get slack or careless in the slightest💀) a try?

With nice pixel graphics, super responsive controls, and lots of levels, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours! …as long as you NEVER get careless… (Have we emphasized that enough yet?)

Want to give Dashy the Cat a try? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following