Are you a competitive mobile gamer who finds jumping on Goomba all alone in Super Mario Run incredibly boring? Need a real time runner game with an awesome level of functionality, allowing you to crush multiple opponents in a single run? Well, you’re in luck 😉

Dash Legends is a high end one touch runner game, a little like Super Mario Run, just with a little less functionality, (i.e. wall climbing, spinning, etc.), and far more obstacles!

Set on a 2D stage seemingly made up of only obstacles, (ok, this isn’t entirely true😜) your mission in this game is to jump over, duck under and suffer the consequences of smashing headlong into deadly traps as you race through the many different stages in this game in an attempt to be the first to cross the finish line!

Unlike Super Mario Run where points are everything, Dash Legends features both a proper finish line and the items required to stop your opponents from crossing it…😈

With an abundance of dangerous opponent crushing, stabbing, and poisoning items you can use to annoy your opponents to the point of explosion! – this game is super fun and exciting to play.

With a number of different characters and mounts for you to unlock, Dash Legends is an awesomely addictive game – so long as you “win” most of the time😉 – and is playable both online and offline.

The Conclusion

Are you ready to terrorize a the unfortunate new players who are unlucky enough to be matched up with the almighty you? Why not give Dash Legends a try. You’ll be shocked at how good everyone else is…

Ready to start your adventure? The download link is just below😉

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