Were you one of the many millions addicted to Flappy Bird back when it was the most viral thing on the web? Today we’ve got a new game, (Not a Clone), based on pretty much the same core mechanic, just much more playable.

At first glance, Danger Bounce looks just like Flappy Bird only with a Ninja instead of a pixelated bird. …and then you realize, Ninja don’t flap…

Danger Bounce is a game about bouncing through colored obstacles, (i.e. pipes), without crashing into anything. Your player, (unlike the bird in Flappy Bird), can touch the bottom obstacles/pipe without dying, but must not crash head first into the side or top of any obstacle. GAME OVER👾

This allows you to bounce from obstacle to obstacle just so long as you don’t bump into anything with your head. “So how do you stop your head from hitting anything?” Simple, by tapping on the screen of your device, your player will speedily drop down the screen and hopefully land on the object you intended it to.

Sometimes you will tap too early and shoot off the screen, while other times you will leave it too late and crash into the side of an obstacle. Either way, the results are the same. GAME OVER👾

With a gameplay system that is simple and easy to learn, beautiful minimalist graphics, and a minimal number of ads, Danger Bounce is simple and addictive. There isn’t much more you could ask from a minimalist game like this.

The Conclusion

Did you enjoy Flappy Bird? If so, chances are you’ll enjoy Danger Bounce more!
With a super simple gameplay system that actually feels playable, Danger Bounce could be considered a Flappy Style game that is “actually” addictive.

Want to give this game a try? The download link is just below😉

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