Are you an indie game developer? If so, chances are today we’ve got a game you will relate to more than any other game you will ever play in your entire life! This is our review of DANDY DUNGEON…

At first glance, DANDY DUNGEON looks like another shameless rip-off of the popular game Dragon Quest. (Just take a look at the title!) …But, after sighing a sigh of shame and hitting the “start” button, the world that awaits you is nothing like what you would initially expect…

Set in a tiny apartment that happens to be the home of Yamada-kun, (a single 36-year-old programmer), who works at a major game publisher, this game starts out with this typical Japanese salaryman explaining to you how his job as a programmer sucks, and how he would much rather become an indie developer.

After a series of events that leaves Yamada-kun with a half finished game, unemployed, and in love, your mission in this game is to test the new features and levels Yamada-kun implements into his game day by day.

Although DANDY DUNGEON is the title of the game you will download off the Apple App Store or Google Play, in reality, this is a game about Yamada-kun, the developer of a game that will eventually be known as DANDY DUNGEON.

If you are in desperate need of a story based mobile game, DANDY DUNGEON is one of the funniest, options we’ve come across.

The Conclusion

Is your dream to one day create a best seller indie game? If so, DANDY DUNGEON is a game you need have played. It will most probably re-teach you the importance of making a plan “before” you start developing…

Want to give DANDY DUNGEON a try? The download link is just below😉

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