Daddy Long Legs – Can you “walk” in a virtual 2D world? Probably not…

Do you remember a game called Steppy Pants? Being one of the funniest games we’ve ever reviewed, our team has always longed for a part 2 to this game… Today we found one! …or at least, sort of found one…

Daddy Long Legs is a game created by a different team to the team that created Steppy Pants, so officially these two games have nothing to do with one another, but the basic game concept of turning walking into a joke is pretty much the same.

Daddy Long Legs is a game about walking, falling, and laughing, and is basically about learning to walk again in a virtual 2D world. The game is played using simple touch controls to time your player’s steps. Tap once to raise one leg, tap a second time to raise the other leg, rapidly repeat this process and in theory you can walk… in theory…

In reality, actually managing to walk in a world where you can’t “feel” anything – where you can only see with your eyes what’s going on – proves harder to do than you’d imagine, creating some of the most spectacular falls ever!

Now, if you happen to be really good at feeling with your eyes and somehow find walking in this game easy, don’t worry Daddy Long Legs has you covered. For players who need that little extra challenge, there is also a horse mode where you’ll be required to play the game, as a horse!

Can you gallop in a 2D world? Now is the time to find out 🐴

Do you like silly games? Do stupid things make you happy? If so, this is a game we highly recommend you try because boy, is it hilarious!

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