Do you love chicken? Is chicken the best? Would you literally die if KFC went out of business? Today we’ve found a game created by a like minded developer…

Curly Wings is a game about a cat, chicken, chicken, and some more chicken. Your mission in this game is to stuff your pet cat with us much chicken that rolls down a conveyor belt as possible. (I hope your boss isn’t watching…)

Obviously there are some other strange and potentially dangerous objects you might mistake for chicken, such as grubs, smelly socks, fish bones, and TNT you obviously won’t want to feed your cat. Carefully avoiding these obstacles, your mission is to speedily tap on every edible piece of chicken before it disappears from the screen.

Assuming that the target audience for this game are 4 – 9 year olds, Curly Wings is a cute and challenging game kids will enjoy. Although this doesn’t stop anyone else from playing the game; anyone older will probably enjoy pokemon go “just a little” more…😉

Mini Developer Interview

Is this your first creation?

Yes, this is my first app!

What do you use to make your apps or games?

We’ve been using Unity.

So, tell us about your app!

Don’t Miss This Super Addictive Fun Arcade-Style Game for All Ages! Curly Wings is an addictive arcade-style game where your job is to feed your cat as many chicken wings, or curly wings, as possible.

The Conclusion

Know a youngster that could use a super cute cat game?

The download link is just below😉

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