Cube Rule – Split Second Cubic Match Test

If you have a bit of work to do on your reaction time, Cube Rule, a split second cubic match test, will definately do the job at speeding up your reaction time. It does a great job, maybe even a little too great… This game is nearly impossible.

Starting off with two colored rings on either side of a landing point for blocks, your job is to sort colored blocks by swiping either left or right to match up blocks that fall from the sky with the ring that matches its color. As the game progresses colors and rings are added, and the speed at which the blocks falls increases, meaning before long you will either swipe the wrong way and lose, or the blocks will stack up too high and the game will automatically end.

The concept itself is easy to understand and so is the gameplay, but with the tremendous speed at which the game accelerates, after a few seconds Cube Rule becomes way too difficult for the average player. If it were a little slower, it may make a good brain trainer for older players, but at the speed at which this game goes, you’d have to have a brain like a super computer just to keep up!

Cube Rule_SS1 Cube Rule_SS2

If your aim is to do millisecond stock trading without buying a supercomputer to power your business, Cube Rule would be a useful game to master. Otherwise, its best use would probably be to annoy the bragging gamer kid next door.

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