Cube Catcher – Finally! A new game from DeadCool

It has literally been forever since we last saw a game from DeadCool. So, we don’t exactly blame you if you’ve forgotten this cool indie developer studio. …although we hope you haven’t forgotten our cool game reviews…😭

Cube Catcher by AppTrix, DeadCool and PH Lab is yet another casual 2D game you’ll probably find yourself playing here and there in your free time.

For a game backed by 3 companies, Cube Catcher is actually a fairly simple game. Consisting of a box that can be moved left or right by (Touching and Holding) on the left or right sides of your screen, your mission in this game is to catch blocks that fall from the top of your screen… that’s it…

Before you slam our review as “a stupid waste of time!” please let us explain. Although your mission in this game doesn’t change, the obstacles between you and each falling cube do.

A little like a classic pinball machine- between you and each new falling cube, are a series of obstacles that can drastically change where your cube will actually end up. Just when you think you’ve learned the pattern for a given layout of obstacles, it changes, leaving you right back where you started… At square one…😅

Unfortunately, there aren’t actually all that many patterns, so given enough time you will probably learn them all… This is countered by giving players tonnes of gems which can be used to unlock new game modes and upgrades, however, even with all these extra features, we aren’t too sure how long you will find yourself actually addicted to this game.

With the same iconic 3D looking 2D graphics from DeadCool, not too many ads, and plenty of gems for you to collect, Cube Catcher is a game we would safely recommend to gamers everywhere!

…Just remember to come back to Edamame Reviews when you need something new…😉

The Conclusion

If you (like us) are a fan of the simplistic gameplay systems featured in practically every one of the games from DeadCool, Cube Catcher is yet another fun game we highly recommend you check out.

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