Do you love puzzle games where the answer is pretty much always staring you right in the face? Although sometimes very annoying, (especially when you’ve tried something multiple times only to find it is the wrong answer), these types of games really illustrate just how many different ways there are of looking at the same situation…

Crush Escape (by ZPLAY and Sumpingu) is a simple platform-style puzzle game that looks easy but isn’t. Set in a neon-colored futuristic/ minimalistic world where squares, triangles, and circles roll around in search of stars, your mission in this game is to collect all 3 stars scattered around the stage before exiting through a portal.

Most of the stages don’t have a set time limit in which you are required to do things, which definitely makes the game easier, although not a lot…

Played using a number of different touch and swipe gestures you can use to switch between characters and zoom in and out of different areas on the stage, Crush Escape is based mostly on your timing. Why? Because you can only ever move forward…

By touching and holding on the screen of your device, your player will move forward. With no option to reverse or go backward, without collecting an item that switches the direction which your player perceives to be forward, missing an exit on the freeway would be a disaster for these little guys!

Much as this game is a great source of frustration, it is also an interesting play on the order in which you perform certain actions in order to receive different outcomes. That being said, there is almost always only one correct order, and so Crush Escape is mostly about finding that “Correct order” even if it doesn’t seem like the easiest way of doing things…😅

The Conclusion

Crush Escape is that perfect balance of (action-packed platformer) and (slow and thoughtful puzzle) capable of stumping even the best of both worlds. If you’re in for a game that requires you to both think and act quickly in order to survive, Crush Escape is a game you’ll probably want to check out.

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