Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play Flappy Bird from the “Bird’s” perspective? Funnily enough we have, and today we were lucky enough to find out! … well, sort of😉

Crossing Skies is a rather amazing 3D version of flappy bird we highly recommend you try. (If you’ve always wanted to play flappy bird in 3D that is…) Though overall lacking in quite a few places, for a game that was put together in just a few months Crossing Skies is an incredible start!

As we say with most new indie games, Crossing Skies could definitely use some updates, but for a game just a few months old, we can’t wait so see how much better this game gets!

Mini Interview

How long have you made Apps or Games for?

Just a few months.

Is this your first creation?


What do you use to make your apps or games?

I used Unity to make my games.

So, tell us about your app!

I started making this app just as an exercice to learn and see what I was able to do alone, or mostly alone.

It was my first game so I decided to create a simple game. The game is heavily inspired by flappy bird and crossy road but not a clone.

It’s a tap tap game with randomly generated maps. You fly and tap to jump and avoid the obstacles. The game has 2 game modes which basically changes the camera but also changes the way you play, I think.

The description of the game might sound similar but I think that the 3d Mode adds a whole other look and gameplay.The game also has collectible characters that you buy with the money you collect, but there’s a catch, you cannot buy them directly you have to buy a chest which gives you a random character.

If you get a character that you already have you get a ruby that is used to buy a chest that gives a random but new one (you cannot buy rubies or coins with real money). There are currently almost 20 characters.

Last but not least there are maps too which change the environment and the obstacles and you can buy them with the money you collect playing the game.

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