Creepy Aliens: Space Invaders revisited

Did you like playing Space Invaders in the 1980’s?
Then Creepy Aliens is for you.

Creepy Aliens revisits the classic of classics adapted to all devices, from the old Atari console to the latest smartphone with facial recognition through the mythical Amiga. This time, the designers have added a special touch, cartoon style graphics that make the Aliens almost sympathetic. But don’t be too cool with them, they are fierce and will leave you no chance if you are not up to it.

The game offers two game modes, the “Missions” mode will ask you to accomplish certain missions going from the simple destruction of Aliens to the release of friendly ships.
If you succeed in freeing the ships from the Alien’s claws they will join your aerospace center where 9 spaceships can be unlocked. You’ll need the help of the “Fast Millenium” to repel the waves of Black Aliens.

And yes, you will encounter a lot of Aliens of all different colors but especially with stronger and stronger stamina. In the “Missions” mode you will also have to watch your ammunition, don’t shoot like a madman without counting because the more precise you are during your missions, the more you will be rewarded. Earn stars and gold at the end of each mission. And, thanks to gold you can buy new ships in the aerospace center.

Finally, for the hardcore gamers, there is a “hardcore” mode with no pause, the waves of Aliens come one after another and your reflexes will be pushed to the limits.

You’ll understand, Creepy Aliens will delight both casual gamers and those waiting for a real challenge.

So, are you ready to prove your bravery and defend earth? Have fun with this revisited classic with captivating space backgrounds and an immersive soundtrack. Join us and push Aliens back to deep space.


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