Combo Critters – Ever wanted to abduct an alien…?

Has the Pokemon Go craze brought back memories of your childhood? If you’re currently feeling a strong desire to go out and buy a gameboy and the original pokemon games, it’s probably about time you heard about Combo Critters.

Combo Critters isn’t a pokemon game so if you “need” a pokemon game, reading this review probably won’t do you any good… If however you’d just like to play the type of game you played as a child this may just be the game you were looking for.

Combo Critters is a game about traveling space and abducting Critters from their home planet in order to create a stronger and stronger “Critter Army” so as to eventually become so strong you will have the power to take over the entire critter galaxy!

Said bluntly this game is terrifying😱  – What are games teaching our children! – but the concept behind the game of catching and training creatures – In the case of Combo Critters genetically modifying and combining Critters😱  – is actually surprisingly similar to the original pokemon games…😱

Landing on strange and exotic planets your mission in this game is to battle and abduct critters to genetically modify while collecting puzzle pieces in order to unlock each planet’s final boss battle!

Battles take place in a similar way to the original pokemon games with a simple turn based battle system that has been supercharged with an awesome combo feature! Every 3 attacks your critter has the ability to launch a combo attack which requires the player to quickly complete a series of simple tasks that if completed correctly will blast your enemy with an insane amount of damage!

Combo Critters is a simple yet “😱 ” game we could talk about for hours given the chance so we’ll leave the rest up to you to discover.

If you’re after a new yet familiar feeling game, Combo Critters may be the closest game to the original pokemon games we’ve found to date!

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