Are you in need of yet another puzzle game for your smartphone? Because today we’ve got yet another puzzle game for you to check out! …or not, it’s up to you…😃

Color 6 is another simple puzzle game centered around creating hexagons on a giant hexagonal grid, a little like the popular game 1010! we reviewed almost 2 years ago at this point… It’s about time we updated our review…

Getting back to our review, playing Color 6 is easy thanks to the fact that there is no time limit for you to worry about when making important decisions. With a simplistic design overall and both a day and night mode for you to switch between depending on how tired your eyes are, Color 6 has everything you need in a great puzzle game! …except perhaps a satisfying GAME OVER…

You see, Color 6 handles GAME OVER’s very dissatisfyingly in our opinion. Each round you are given a total of 15 moves which are gradually reduced until you eventually reach 0 at which point you GAME OVER. Each time you create a hexagon this number goes up by 1 and each time you make a move that doesn’t result in a hexagon it goes down by 1.

Although very simple, considering a lot of the time there isn’t an option which results in a hexagon available on the board, you are no doubt going to feel a little cheated at some point or another during the course of playing this game.

Other than that, the game is fairly generous toward players and features not only a Night Mode but also a “Colorblind Mode” for those who struggle to distinguish between colors.

Last but not least, Color 6 features a mid to high number of Ads which can be disabled using the power of $$$, highly recommended if you’re planning on playing this game for a long time…

The Conclusion

If you couldn’t tell, Color 6 isn’t exactly our new favorite puzzle game. There are puzzle games we enjoy more… However, the graphics are nice, the gameplay system is clean, and, most importantly, you can really tell that the game was designed with the players in mind.

…and really, that is the secret to making a great game…

Want to give Color 6 a try? The download link is just below.📲
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