You often see relationships on TV (and in real life) that are held together not by Love or Friendship but the bittersweet smell of Money… Today, we’ve got a game that looks like any other RPG style tapper game, until you suddenly stop and realize that your motives may not be as noble as they first seem…

Coin Princess VIP (by Zabob Studio) is the story of a magical princess with the ability to produce coins each and every time you tap on the screen of your device. After growing up surrounded by noble knights who loved her very dearly(?) she was suddenly abducted by the demon god – probably because he was struggling financially – and taken to his palace. After living as a prisoner for a while, our princess decided to escape while the demon god was otherwise occupied – on the toilet – because he wasn’t really her type…😕

Obviously, the demon god’s henchmen chase after her, and who do you suppose suddenly appear all ready to defend their beloved income… we mean princess? Yes, her band of noble knights…

Played by either tapping on the screen of your device in order to create coins you can use to power up your knights, or by watching a quick 30 second Ad that allows you to do nothing as the game practically plays itself for 10 minutes, Coin Princess VIP is a very interesting game, to say the least.

Featuring a sort of story-oriented gameplay system – something you’ll almost never find in a clicker gameCoin Princess VIP features a total of 8 worlds, each with their own boss battles and unique set of pixelated enemies. With great graphics, not too many Ads and a well thought out gameplay system, there really isn’t a lot more you could ask for from this fun little game.

Even so, is it just us who feel that our motives in this game are a little off…? 💰💰💰🤣

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a casual clicker game that brilliantly illustrates the hard cold truths of reality, then this is the game for you and your wicked sense of humor!😂

Not recommended for people who still want to believe true love is a thing, even when an unlimited supply of gold coins is at stake…

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