Climby Hammer (by Naquatic) is yet another game that attempts to jump on the bandwagon before everyone has “Gotten Over” the craze of climbing stuff with a hammer… Because seriously, there are far better tools you can use to climb a rock face. Just wait till everyone discovers Climbing Picks and Ropes! #MindBlown! 😵

Climby Hammer (by Naquatic) is basically just Getting Over It (by Bennett Foddy) only redesigned to “sort of” work on mobile.

Although the controls aren’t great, (Climby Hammer also makes use of an annoying virtual joystick system), the gameplay system is brilliant! Featuring levels designed by the evil players who actually enjoy this game, Climby Hammer is one nightmare of a game!

With a leaderboard for each individual level (where on some, the fastest time is around 20 minutes), Climby Hammer is a game that puts your ability to stay cool in exceedingly frustrating situations to the test. For anyone who has tried to play one of the many Getting Over It clones designed for mobile, Climby Hammer actually has a half decent physics engine, which makes playing the game a little easier, although not a lot…

Climby Hammer

Available for both iOS and Android, Climby Hammer is a frustrating game we sort of recommend to the crazy players who desperately want to play Getting Over It while on the go.

One thing to note however is that the game seems to currently have a bug on Android that causes the game to crash after completing the first level. Although this isn’t too much of an issue, considering most players will likely never clear the first level anyway, it is currently a bit of an issue for players who are actually into playing this game… Hopefully, an update will fix things soon…

The Conclusion

As is the case with most games “designed by the players”, Climby Hammer is a nightmare!

If you want to make a hard game 100% harder than you originally anticipated, give the players the power to design levels. You’ll soon have one monster of a game no sane person will ever want to play…

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