Are you a busy person who doesn’t have time to play exciting racing games? If so, we have just the thing for you! For just $99 a month, you can hire a professional gamer to race for you so you don’t have to! 😃 …or you could just download this game on your iOS or Android device… 😅

Clicker Racing (by Lion Studios) is an endless clicker game dressed as a racing game. (It’s a clicker game) Played by rapidly tapping on the screen of your device in order to boost your car’s speed, Clicker Racing unfolds in much the same way as Tap Titans 2 (by Game Hive). Every 10th race you are faced with is a boss battle you must win in order to move on to the next stage, and after every 5 stages you complete, you can move on to a new world with slightly different graphics and stronger opponents.

Just like most modern clicker gamesClicker Racing essentially gives players 2 ways to play the same game, by upgrading the number of points (in this case MPS) you receive each time you tap on the screen of your device, or by upgrading the number of MPS you receive automatically each second.

By choosing what to upgrade, you can basically choose whether or not you play Clicker Racing, or Clicker Racing plays itself… (Personally, we rather let these types of games play themselves…😛)

With beautifully animated 2D graphics, an abundance of upgrades for you to try out, an offline mode so you can keep racing even while the app is closed, and an ever-increasing number of unique and very interesting opponents for you to race with, Clicker Racing is a great clicker game that has little (if anything) to do with actually racing.😅

If you like clicker games, this is yet another fun game you’ll probably want to check out…

The Conclusion

If you are “actually” after a racing game this definitely isn’t the game for you. The only thing racy about this game is the cars, sorry if you were tricked by the title…😜🙏

That being said, if you’re after a clicker game about cars, this may be the first decent one we’ve found this year. The graphics are good, the story is decent, and the UI is easy to navigate and actually makes sense!

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