Have you ever heard of a surprisingly popular game called Clicker Heroes? We hadn’t until only recently which is why we decided to check it out. Based on how popular the game seems to be, we weren’t exactly impressed…

Clicker Heroes (by Playsaurus) is by no means a bad game. It does what it says it does and features all of the features you would expect from a clicker game with over 1,000,000 app downloads. With both an online and offline mode that continues to earn you money even while the app is closed, and an abundance of unlockable characters, enemies, and levels for you to complete, the only downfall is just how cheap this game feels! 😅

Although looking a little shabby isn’t really a problem in itself – seriously, the game is still 100% playable – it does make it more difficult for us to recommend it to new players. Especially players on Android…

After having one of our Android testing devices hacked by a less than beautiful game, it is difficult not to become a little wary of games that look as though they could use a little extra love and care from their developers. As far as we know Clicker Heroes won’t flood your device with malware, but it is a real concern Android players have to deal with.

After playing Clicker Heroes for a few days we can safely say that the game, 1. hasn’t hacked our device, 2. is surprisingly much more fun than we first expected.

Although we prefer the graphics in Tap Titans or Tap Titans 2 and enjoy the gameplay in TapTap Heroes way more than that of Clicker Heroes, we also understand why some users will probably find this game more attractive. For starters, the numbers in this jump from small to insanely huge in a matter of minutes(!) giving you the feeling that you actually achieved something big!

If you happen to be on an older device, you may actually appreciate the lower level graphics that should run on practically any device that is considered usable in 2018, and for busy people, the fact that the game continues earning you money even while the app is closed is a great addition.

The Conclusion

There are countless better-looking clicker games than Clicker Heroes available on both the App Store and Google Play. That being said, if you’re after something simple that doesn’t feature all the extra bells and whistles of a brand new clicker game, why not join the 1,000,000 players already enjoying Clicker Heroes?

A little shabby maybe, but very playable!

Want to give Clicker Heroes a try? The download link is just below.📲
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