Have you ever battled with a claw machine in an attempt to win – an often not so cute – critter that doesn’t seem to want to leave its ugly friends? If so, today we’ve got a game that will either satisfy your frustration or cure your addiction…!

Clawbert is a cute game about a cute claw machine catching cute eggs that hatch into cute creatures with equally cute names. If this compilation of cuteness appeals to you, congratulations(!) this is only just the beginning!

Featuring a claw machine that never – ever misses, (unless of course, you lower it where there is nothing to grab), Clawbert is a game where everyone wins! …until winning starts to get a little monotonous and even boring…

You see, although the novelty of having a free claw machine on your smartphone is exciting at first, the excitement soon wears off, and all you are left with are a bunch of virtual prizes and an otherwise mostly featureless game.

With no way to play or interact with the creatures you collect, Clawbert is a game that is heavily in need of some upgrades.

All this said, judging from the fact that Clawbert is a brand new game that has only just hit the Apple App Store and Google Play, it is probably wise to leave deleting the game from your smartphone just yet, because who knows what updates lie ahead…

Do you have an addiction to claw machines? Have you spent way too much money on prizes you didn’t really want in the first place? If so, Clawbert is a game you need to play!

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