For the 10th time this year(!), have you heard of a game called diep.ioIf you have somehow miraculously managed to live life without the knowledge of this game’s existence, congratulations! You now know the name of the best (.io) game for PC.

Now, when it comes to mobile (.io) games, things aren’t quite as straightforward. Although we love we also love, and now we’ve got another great game to add to the mix… Clash…

Clash is a game about tanks, (as the name implies), and is much, much easier to play compared with for mobile. Played using a single virtual joystick for motion and 2 on screen buttons for boosting and shooting, Clash is an extremely well-balanced game you won’t regret checking out. 

Set in the middle of a desert filled with tanks from all different countries, your mission in this game is to blast your opponents and collect glowing white power(?) in order to level up your tank and hopefully get a higher place on the leaderboard.

The overall speed of both you and your opponents tanks are definitely on the slow side, allowing you to control your battle machine with ease even with a set of “less than ideal” controls. Physical keys are definitely much better.

Unlike or most other games for that matter, the way in which tanks power-up are all exactly the same meaning you won’t need to stop and customize while in the middle of a raging battle. This also means you won’t get to modify your tank in the exact way you might like…

For players who have always had this strange obsession with the enemy bosses in video games, Clash is the best game you will ever find! Roaming around the stage in Clash is one massive mega tank known as the BOSS. If you can somehow manage to take down this massive monster of a tank, “you” yes you, are transformed into the next BOSS tank allowing you to terrorize other players with your insane BOSS powers!

Pure Awesomeness!

The Conclusion

So, are you ready to take on the world in a small single gunned tank? If so, Clash is a game you will definitely enjoy!

Time to take on the BOSS! … to BE the BOSS! The download link is just below😉

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