Circularity – A challenging space escape game about Checkpoints and Portals!

Do you like mazes? We do! or at least we used to… (For some reason every time we visit an attraction with a giant maze it is closed due to snakes.🐍 Why? We don’t know…) Today we’ve got an awesome new game set in a digital maze-like world, and no, there are no snakes!

Circularity is a simple game based mostly on Checkpoints, Obstacles, and a Portal you must reach in order to clear the stage. The gameplay is rather straightforward, “Pass-through each checkpoint in order to activate the portal and escape the maze/level” but the way in which you go about achieving this simple task can be surprisingly difficult.

You see, controlling your player, (a shooting beam of light) isn’t always the easiest thing to do… Starting off as a spinning beam of light – a little like a radar – you are required to tap on the screen of your device the moment your “radar beam” is pointing in the direction in which you wish to travel.

By repeatedly stopping and going, switching from “Radar Form” to “Laser Beam Form” your mission is to carefully make your way around each stage without smashing into anything.

Theoretically, Circularity is a one touch game you can play single-handedly, but in reality, managing to control a speeding beam of light isn’t the easiest thing to do😅 Although very fun, it will probably take some time for the average player to fully master Circularity.

Do you love the idea of a digital maze set in some far off galaxy in cyberspace? We do!

With simple yet tricky controls, cool 2D cyber style graphics, and challenging stages, this game will probably take you a while to master but will definitely be a lot of fun along the way.

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