Do you remember a game called Blendoku? Reviewed by our team about a year ago, Blendoku was a cross between the popular number puzzle Sudoku and Colors. Today we’ve got a new game from the Lonely Few Team, only this time it is all about speed!

Chroma Rush is a speedy puzzle game that sort of resembles Blendoku in one way but doesn’t in another. Based purely on speed(!) your mission in this game is to find matching colors, find unmatching colors, and rearrange color bricks in order to create gradient color pallets before time runs out.

The game is played by touching and dragging to rearrange colors, and/or simply tapping to select colors. Overall, Chroma Rush is a fairly easy game to play.

Now, if you’ve ever played a puzzle game that never seems to give you enough time, i.e. you can never quite clear the whole thing in time, time is actually stockable in Chroma Rush. This means that the faster you clear easy puzzles the more time you are given to spend on the harder puzzles to come! Pure genius!

By swiftly breezing through the easy stages in Chroma Rush and building up as much time as possible, we managed to reach level 60 and take on some of the really hard puzzles before we ran out of time.

Overall, Chroma Rush is a game that should have something in it for everyone.

Do you love challenging your brain to practical puzzles? If so, chances are we’ve just found a game you’ll want to check out!

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