Chilly Snow (by Voodoo and Acid Cousins) is a game that rewards you for taking risks. Unlike in the real world where taking unnecessary risks will either get you trending on Youtube or land you a one-way ticket to visit your dead grandparents, Chilly Snow is one of those games that rewards you for taking risks you probably shouldn’t have…

Set on the snowy hills of a frozen mountain, your mission in this game is to ski past, around, and even though, clumps of snow-covered evergreen trees in order to achieve the highest score possible. The longer you survive the more points you receive which is pretty logical… normal… and boring…😅

Chilly Snow makes things just a little more exciting by multiplying your score each and every time you ski past a tree – at close proximity – essentially rewarding you for taking dangerous and unnecessary risks. Not only this, but Chilly Snow actually requires you to continue taking risks in order for you to continue increasing your score multiplier. Otherwise, it will soon time out and you’ll return back to normal…

Using the chance of achieving an extra high score as an incentive, Chilly Snow encourages players to take risks that will often end in a GAME OVER. This also gives Voodoo more chances to show you Ads during a single gaming session which is annoying…😠 yet very smart…😓

Played using simple touch-based controls to change the direction in which your player skis, Chilly Snow allows you to make quick turns by (Quickly Tapping) on the screen of your device, as well as make much longer and slower turns by (Touching and Holding) on the screen of your device.

Using a combination of these two very simple and intuitive controls, Chilly Snow allows you to make some awesomely risky moves with ease! All you’ll need to learn is how to execute these risky moves without dying…

Featuring a bunch of different skins you can use to customize your gameplay, lots of Ads, and a set of super simple controls you’ll instantly fall in love with, Chilly Snow is yet another game from Voodoo you’ll probably want to disable the Ads for if you intend on playing for a long time.

The Conclusion

Although we don’t exactly like the number of Ads featured in this game, Chilly Snow is simple, easy to play, and in our opinion features one of the highest levels of replay value we’ve seen in a mobile game recently.

If you’re in for a cool ski game, this is the game for you!

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