If you were to choose two words to describe Chess what would they be? If you’re anything like us, chances are you chose two words like “Slow”, “Thoughtful”, “Strategic”, or even “Stressful?” Unfortunately, none of these worlds have anything to do with today’s game…

Chezz is a game with a similar name to the “popular game” Chess, and similar pieces to the “popular game” Chess, that also move in the same fashion as in the “popular game” Chess, but has an entirely different gameplay system!

Chezz is the fastest version of chess we have ever played, and will probably ever play for quite a while. Instead of basing moves on turns, (i.e. you move, then I move), this game allows you to move any number of pieces at any time! Allowing you to dodge attacks, attack with all your troops at once, and pretty much do whatever else you can imagine.

Now, if this doesn’t sound like total chaos, we don’t know what does. Your mission in this game is to somehow or another defeat your opponent’s king while struggling to keep your king as safe as possible. Not an easy task.

If this sounds like a whole lot of fun, congratulations, you have 3 main game modes to keep you entertained, “Adventure”, “Training”, and “Online”, which will allow you to play solo, train your skills against AI, or take on real life humans over the web.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a local multiplayer mode, which would have been awesome… (and would have no doubt also been the cause of lots of unnecessary arguments…) but is still unfortunate none the less…

Although chaotic, Chezz is a fast and fun Chess game you won’t find anywhere else.

The Conclusion

Whether you love traditional chess or hate it, Chezz is a chaotic game we can all agree is an insanely awesome concept.

Although you may find the fast paced gameplay system that destroys all hopes of ever devising a strategic victory plan extremely annoying, or extremely helpful😉  it is a new idea we call all appreciate to one degree or another…

Want to give Chezz a try? The download link is just below😉

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