Cherry Alarm – Here to help people wake up with a smile 😃

Cherry Alarm is here to help people wake up with a smile😃

Most of us do not like waking up in the morning. Our loud alarm rings. We hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. When we finally wake up, we are cranky and tired.

Meet Cherry, a cute android that wants you to wake up on time and be happy. When it’s time to wake up, she will call you up to play PeekaBoo. You will not be allowed to hit the snooze button. Only after you win, will she turn off your alarm. Prepare to smile 😃

How do we play PeekaBoo? It is very simple. When Cherry appears in front of you, give her a bright smile. Make sure to use the viewfinder on the top right so Cherry can see you. If Cherry recognizes your smile, she will say “I see you”. The higher the game difficulty you chose, the bigger and brighter you must smile. What a blast! When your game ends, you will feel energized and wake up with a smile 😃

Cherry Alarm is available now, free on Google Play and Amazon!


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