Have you ever stopped to realize that if humans begin colonizing Mars within the next 50 years or so, there will be a time – potentially within your lifetime – where Mars is the new wild west and the profession “explorer” is once again a thing kids aspire to become!? Wouldn’t that be insane… 😂

Cave FRVR (by FRVR) is a 2D cave exploration adventure game about a small rocket, lots of obstacles, and never enough fuel. Played by touching on the left or right sides of the screen – or anywhere in between actually – in order to fire up your rockets, your mission in this game is to collect gems and avoid obstacles as you make your way from one landing pad to the next, deeper and deeper into the winding chambers of this 2D cave system.

Unlike most other 2D rocket lander games we have tested recently, Cave FRVR allows players to control the power with which each of your rockets fires by adjusting just how far to the left or right of the screen you choose to tap. This allows you to adjust the angle and speed of your rocket with surprising accuracy which is really cool for serious players!

…but if you’re that serious, perhaps playing on a smartphone isn’t the ideal environment for you in the first place…

For players who rather play games with physical buttons, they can actually click, Cave FRVR is also available as a free browser game (here) which is frankly much easier to play than on mobile… Sorry mobile fans, it’s the truth. 😅

WIth next to no Ads, a simple 2D design, and an abundance of ship-upgrades, power-ups, and spacecraft for you to unlock and/or collect, there really isn’t a lot we can complain about in this game without seeming like like bad sports searching for something to hate on.

In all honesty, the mobile gaming marketplace needs more games like this…

The Conclusion

Are you considering pursuing a career in “space exploration”? If so, training your reaction time & piloting skills is probably a very good idea…

Although Cave FRVR probably won’t help with learning how to fly an actual rocket, at least it will help you pass the time until Mars becomes open territory! 😂

Want to give Cave FRVR a try? The download link is just below.📲
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