#WOW Android Apple Featured Poki Review

Glitch Dash – The FPV avoider game you need to know about

FPV (or First Person View) is the standard viewing angle in most modern shooter games if you ignore what is currently the world’s most popular shooter game Fortnite (where players play in 3rd person view). So why not create a mobile game where players play in FPV? …well, Why indeed… Glitch Dash (by David Marquardt AB) […]

#LOL Android Apple Featured Poki Review

Slime Road – How far can you slime?

In general, there are 2 different ways in which game developers can show players Ads. The first way is simple, show Ads each time a player Game Over’s (i.e. at the peak of your frustration!!) The second method is to show Ads just before transitioning on to the next level (i.e. at the peak of your […]

#CUTE Android Apple Featured Poki Review

Thunderdogs – The first battle royal from Lucky Kat Studios‼️

Are you a master dogfighter? Well, you’d better start your engines because the battle has already started! Thunderdogs (by Lucky Kat Studios) is now available on iOS and Android! Thunderdogs, by a studio which literally has the word “Cat” (spelled Kat) in their name, is a game about Flying Dogs – shooting one another in an all-out […]

#ADDICTIVE Android Apple Featured Poki Review

Sling Drift – Swing around that bend and BOOM‼️🔥

This is our review of Sling Drift by Tastypill. After some serious discussion with one of our followers on Instagram, we decided to feature Sling Drift on Edamame Reviews. Our discussion went a little something like this… Do sling drift! @Edamame_Reviews …OK‼😆 Let’s Do It! (…we get excited way too easily…) Set on a never-ending stretch of twisting and turning […]

#CUTE Apple Family Featured Poki

Dunkers 2 – Your favourite basketball game just got even better…!

Did you fall in love with the original version of Dunkers by Colin Lane Games? If so, today we’ve got another ridiculously awesome basketball game you’ve practically already fallen in love with! Dunkers 2 is everything you ever loved and enjoyed about Dunkers, only with better graphics, more functionality, and all the ridiculousness you could ever want in […]

#WOW Android Apple Featured Poki

Smashy Duo – Smash zombies with your insane tennis skills!

We have come across a number of different strange and exotic weapons as a team of Mobile Game Reviewers, but today is the first time we’ve discovered that a Tennis Ball is a viable weapon in a fight against a horde of zombies. Yet another item to add to our office doomsday disaster kit… Smashy […]

#CUTE Android Apple Featured Poki

C.A.T.S. – Is this the most “addictive” game of 2017…!?

Have you ever considered building a massive battle machine(!) capable of crushing anything that stands in your path!? If you have experienced such psychopathic thoughts, today we’ve got a game that was practically built to satisfy your inner Dark Side…💀 C.A.T.S. is a game about cute cats and deadly battle machines – and is practically the perfect […]

#ADDICTIVE Android Apple Featured Poki

Subway Surfers – Never do this in real life…!

Movies, Games, and now VR experiences are great ways to try the things you’ve always wanted, without the inherent risks of trying them in real life. For anyone who has ever had the urge to try train surfing and is still alive, today we’ve got a game you seriously need to try… before you ahh… 💀 […]

#LOL Android Apple Featured Poki

Dunkers – The Best Basketball Game EVER!

Are you a devoted Basketball fan? No? Well, too bad, you still NEED today’s game! Dunkers is the most ridiculously awesome basketball game you need on your smartphone! Set on a 2D pixel basketball court where anything can happen, your mission in this game is to use your oversized swinging arms to grab a basketball and complete a […]

Action Apple Arcade Family Featured Poki Simulation

One More Bounce – The best game from the SMG Studio yet!

One More Bounce is the 4th “One More” game to hit the App Store, and in our opinion may just happen to be the best one we’ve seen so far! One More Bounce joins the “One More” family (One More Line, One More Dash, and One More Jump) and has taken a step ahead of its 3 older siblings […]

Action Android Apple Family Featured Poki Simulation Strategy

Daddy Long Legs – Can you “walk” in a virtual 2D world? Probably not…

Do you remember a game called Steppy Pants? Being one of the funniest games we’ve ever reviewed, our team has always longed for a part 2 to this game… Today we found one! …or at least, sort of found one… Daddy Long Legs is a game created by a different team to the team that created Steppy Pants, […]

Action Adventure Android Apple Arcade Family Featured Poki Role-Playing Simulation

Rodeo Stampede by Featherweight Games – Review

Just for starters, if you ever find a zoo like this, let us know, we’ll be there tomorrow…! …or at least within the next few days or so…😉 Rodeo Stampede is a cross between two different games, an animal collection game such as Dragon Vale and an avoider / runner game such as Beat Racer, and boy […]

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One More Dash by SMG Studio – Review

“Just one more try!” Have you ever silently thought this to yourself as you guiltily move your finger toward the retry button? If not, here’s a game that’ll be hard to resist playing “just once more!” before going to bed… One More Dash is another addictive “One More…” game from SMG Studio, and is, this time, more addictive than ever […]