#LOL Action Apple Arcade Family Featured Review – This game is the greatest disaster you have never seen. (by Kyrylo Venzhyn) is a terrible game. As in, the game is, in most respects, a broken mess!! When we said this game was a disaster we actually meant it! But wait! 🖐 Before you dismiss this article as the only review on the internet with a ‘clickbait title’ that actually held some truth, […]

#LOL Action Adventure Android Apple Arcade Featured Racing Review Role-Playing

Taxi Rush Review – Broken at so many levels…

Taxi Rush (by Voodoo & Funky Tap) isn’t a great game. From a technical perspective, the game lacks polish meaning it doesn’t look or feel anywhere near as premium as most other games from Voodoo. … Likely the reason why you didn’t know this game even existed. 😅 That having been said, Taxi Rush is […]

#LOL Adventure Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation

Sticky Fall! Review – Who didn’t have one of these as a kid?

Sticky Fall (by OHM Games) is a game you probably played in real life before you ever owned a smartphone. Isn’t it great to see old games resurrected in digital form? Set on an unsuspecting slab of wall, Sticky Fall is a game featuring that sticky wall climber toy you used to own as a […]

#LOL Android Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation

Flippy Pancake Review – Everyone is crazy in this game

Flippy Pancake (by Full Fat) is a game that really illustrates just how crazy “some” people can be when it comes to pancakes… The pancakes in this game are either really, really well made – or – iced with just a hint of cocaine… 😂 For anyone who enjoys playing those slingshot games that are all […]

#LOL Action Adventure Android Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation

Gang Clash Review – If Crowd City was a fighter game

Gang Clash (by IEC Global) is a game that should look really familiar in a lot of ways assuming you play games on your iOS or Android device. So much so, that there is pretty much nothing new or original to actually see here… 😂 Starting with the graphics, Gang Clash looks like a pretty nice […]

#LOL Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation

Human Tower Review – Wait, What!? This game isn’t hard!?

Human Tower (by Voodoo & is one of those games that is actually surprisingly easy to play. Although at first sight, the game looks like yet another one of those tricky balance games, in reality, it is actually pretty much a clicker game! Set literally “Upon the shoulders of those who came before you”, […]

#LOL Action Adventure Android Arcade Featured Review Role-Playing

Run Jump 3D Review – Hmm… is definetly better…

Run Jump 3D: Endless Running Game (by Playpal) is a game that, according to our interview with the Playpal team, is the prequel to the very cool fitness-oriented fighting game we featured roughly 2 weeks earlier. So, how does Run Jump 3D stack up to when it comes to gameplay? Well, it turns out […]

#LOL Action Android Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation Strategy

Move Fever Review: This game came just a little too late…

Move Fever (by Mazari Games) isn’t a bad game, it’s just got an over-achieving competitor called Get In Shape by Ketchapp… 😅 Set on the stage of a low poly gameshow were messing up means getting shoved into a pool of water, Move Fever is all about changing the pose of your player in order to fit […]

#LOL Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation Review: How is this game on the top charts!? (by xiaoli yao) is probably either a disaster or just another publisher flexing by hijacking the top 100 most popular free apps on the Apple App Store. Who knows it could even be both? 😂 Somehow, is currently the 5th most popular free game on the Apple App Store. Just so that nobody […]

#LOL Action Adventure Android Apple Arcade Featured Review Simulation Sports

Flip Runner Review: If cringe content was a game…

Flip Runner (by MotionVolt Games) is a cringe-worthy parkour-style flipping runner game(?) for iOS and Android. Set in a hyper-realistic 3D city, this game is all about flipping from one platform to the next like a true YouTube daredevil. 😱 The only problem? Your character’s movements are as stiff as anything! 😂 This naturally makes […]

#LOL Android Apple Family Featured Review Simulation Strategy

Perfect Slices Review: A game about money and knives… but mostly money…

Perfect Slices (by SayGames) is a speedy slicing game for iOS and Android about slicing up vegetables for a beautiful soup you can sell for money. Perfect Slices also allows you to slice up solid gold bars and old PC components you can harvest gold from in order to smith your own coins – a.k.a. […]

#LOL Android Apple Arcade Family Featured Review Simulation Sports

Get in Shape Review: Basically a crazy Japanese game show

Get in Shape may just be the funniest game we have ever seen from Ketchapp – which kind of makes sense why the game is blowing up on TikTok. Set on a massive pink float set in the middle of a calm blue lake, your mission in this game is to twist and bend the body […]

#LOL Apple Featured Review

Tire Some! Review: Changing a car tire has never been harder

Have you ever had the “pleasure” of having to stop your minivan on the side of the road, get out into the blistering summer heat, and change a flat tire? In case you weren’t aware, it is horrible. As if more people need to experience the “joys” of changing a flat tire, Tire Some! by […]

#LOL Android Apple Featured Review

Sticky Bodies Review: Doesn’t make sense, but is funny!

Have you ever had the strange urge to take up skydiving? Personally, jumping out of an airplane is something I would rather not try, but somehow even that seems to make more sense than Sticky Bodies by Q-Games. Sticky Bodies is a nonsensical work of art featuring strangely artistic visuals, simple touch controls, and receipts that […]

#LOL Android Featured Review

Cheese Guard Review: Defend your cheese at all costs!

I love cheese. Although I am also well aware that too much cheese on my Pizza at lunch is probably slowly killing me from the inside out, I am also equally aware that most of the world that has discovered fast food and pizza is probably dying a slow and painful death together with me, […]