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Our mini-interview with the BNOO Games team, the creators of Pix Hop

Did you read our review of Pix Hop? If you didn’t we highly recommend you do! Featuring a super simple gameplay system enhanced with awesome graphical effects and music, this game will make any action loving arcade gamer excited! Check out our original review of Pix Hop here! Today we would like to share with you our mini-interview […]

Action Android Arcade Family Featured Music Simulation Strategy

Pix Hop – If this isn’t “Pure Awesomeness!” then what is!?

We will be honest, we never expected Pix Hop to be anywhere near as cool as it turned out to be…😓 We did expect it to be a “cool” game, but this is something of a different level… Said simply, Pix Hop is – amazing music, magnificent graphical effects, and a super simple gameplay system fused together to create […]

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Epic Orchestra – You can’t beat the satisfaction of leading an orchestra!

Have you ever imagined how awesome it would be to lead an orchestra? The satisfaction must be amazing! Today we’ve got a game where you can do just that! …or at least sort of lead an orchestra… Epic Orchestra is a game with a name that pretty much explains itself. Based on a number of […]

Action Android Apple Arcade Family Featured Music Simulation Strategy

Reflection – Finally, a game we’ve always wanted hits the App Store!

There’s are a few games we’ve always wanted to play but have never had the opportunity to… “Why?” Because most of them don’t exist… Yet… The moment we first set eyes on Reflection it was like a dream come true… This game is the perfect representation of a game we’ve always wanted to play, only now it’s available in real life! […]

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Mr. Catt – A slow and thoughtful puzzle game where you light up the night sky.

Have you ever wondered who lights up the night sky? Who is it that “lights” the brilliant display of stars that dazzle above us at night? Well, according to Mr. Catt, it’s a small White cat that “normally” tends to the millions of twinkling lights we see in our sky… Normally… The story of Mr. Catt begins rather abruptly (and we […]

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PinOut! – This is what happens when the creators of Smash Hit re-invent “Pinball”

Often when you add two ideas together, you’ll get something slightly better than the original. This is pretty much a fact of life. …but sometimes there are exceptions. Sometimes simply adding two ideas together creates something so revolutionarily awesome, all we can do is sit and wonder in awe why no one thought of it before… […]

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Disco Dave – The perfect mobile dancer companion for when you “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

Do you get this feeling inside your bones, that goes electric, wavey when you turn it on? Our advice, just dance, dance, dance, because you Can’t Stop the Feeling! Disco Dave is a game about dancing, and yes, it is playable in one hand! For those times when you just want to dance but would officially look […]

Action Adventure Apple Family Featured Music Puzzle Simulation Strategy

Outfolded – The most “addictive” puzzle game ever…!?

Have you ever played with Origami? If you have, you no doubt already know just how cool it is to see a single sheet of paper transform into beautiful elaborate shapes that would seem impossible to make with a single sheet of paper… Outfolded is a puzzle game that would probably be best described as the opposite of traditional origami. […]

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Beat Stomper – How did we ever “miss” such an awesome game…

What is the best part of any game? If your answer is “Music” and “Effects”, you may have just stumbled upon the coolest game you will ever see! …in a while at least…😉 This is our review of Beat Stomper. Beat Stomper is a simple game about “Jumping” and “Stomping”, mixed in with some of the coolest graphics ever found […]

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Give It Up! 2 – Part 2 of your worst nightmare back to haunt you once again…

This was “going” to be our review of a spectacularly unforgiving game that will make you end up hating yourself but… well… we give up… too (This is our review of Give It Up 2) Unfortunately for Die Hard Edamame Fans, we can’t review Give It Up 2 in the way we normally review games. […]

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Through The Fog! – A 3D snake game that “doesn’t only” look awesome…!

Do you love zigzagging games? We do! We are probably some of the world’s biggest zigzagging game fans, and today we’ve found something so beautiful, so spectacular, so wonderful, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside ☺ Through The Fog! is a super high quality 3D zigzagger game that will shock your eyes […]

Action Android Apple Featured Interview Music Simulation

Interview with the ImpactBlue Studio, the creators of Polyforge

Some games are “Fun”, some games “Look” great, and some simply “Sound” amazing! When we were first introduced to Polyforge the words used by the developer to describe the game were something along the lines of, “A Symphony of Shapes, Sound and Color…” he wasn’t lying… Polyforge – a lot like Monument Valley – is a game as much as it is […]

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Polyforge – A Symphony of Shapes, Sound and Color…

“…How are we supposed to review this game…” this was the only thought that drifted through our minds as we sat wonderstruck at the game before us… Polyforge isn’t really a game… Although it is “playable” as a game, if you’re after the type of gratification you might feel after smashing a few monsters, you won’t find it here. […]

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Beat Racer – A spectacular blend of Beauty and Music.

Have you ever been disappointed by an awesome trailer for a movie that turned out to be rubbish? Sometimes the trailer can be more interesting than the movie, but with games things work out a little differently. This is our review of Beat Racer… Beat Racer is a beautiful game. The graphics look like something taken right out of TRON, and the way everything […]

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Interview with Matthew Dear – Our first ever interview with a game musician

I think this is the second time we’ve said this… If you’re a developer who is only ever going to visit Edamame Reviews once. Read This Interview. It will no doubt change the way you see game development forever… After the initial idea, every game we’ve ever reviewed is made up of three key parts, The Code, […]

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BARRIER X by Pinkapp – Review

BARRIER X by Pinkapp is a game that would make Terry Cavanagh – The creator of Super Hexagon – very proud. Up until now at Edamame, our bench mark for impossibleness has always been Super Hexagon, today we’ve got an app that may just push the benchmark a little higher…😱 Here comes our review of BARRIER X…💀 In theory BARRIER X […]

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Super Circle Jump by pixelclash – Review

For “some reason” developers and reviewers seem to associate the words “super,” and “hexagon,” with “impossible.” Today, we’ve got a game with not only the word “super” in its name, but also “circle…!” Well, it turns out “circle” must be a little kinder than hexagon. Super Circle Jump by pixelclash is a simple game to “play” – […]

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PlayGround • Music At Your Fingertips by HLO S.A -Review

Do you know who invented the violin? Probably not…. It was Andrea Amati in 1558. Things that we now consider as almost “standard” can be – and were once – invented. PlayGround by HLO S.A. is a new kind of instrument, and is basically a synthesizer you can play on your iPad. This strange instrument is played by either […]

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Bouncy Blocks ■ by DeadCool – Review

If you were a rabbit visiting Antarctica when the sea level suddenly began to rise – Super Global Warming + High Tide? – what would you do? Probably drown… “Game Over!” End of Review… Well, the rabbit in Bouncy Blocks ■ had a little more luck… If you added large chunks of ice floating in […]

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Interview with Simon Crack the creator of Drop Block ■

Drop Block ■ was a game probably best described as a treat for your ears. The soundtrack, for this game is awsome, and the graphics go with it perfectly.  The only “problem” you could ever have with this game is that it is almost impossible… Before we start, I’d like to thank Simon Crack for participating in our interview, and […]