Are you explicitly either a Cat person or a Bird person? If so, today we’ve got a super high-end game with pixel graphics that will meet your gaming needs no matter what your preference! …wait, you’re a dog lover…?  …get out…!

Cat Bird! is a game about a mutated cat/bird like creature with the ability to jump around and look cute (like a Cat) yet flap its furry wings and fly away when necessary (a little like a Bird). Overall, we think the creature in this game looks more like a cross between a cat and a sugar glider, but that’s just us…

Set in a stunning pixelated 2D world, your mission in this game is to make your way through each of the many trap-filled stages, collecting hidden gold crowns and avoiding spiky creatures that jump out at you. All very cute. 😍

Although your objective in this game is in fact for you to make it to a miniature black hole that acts as your goal – if you’re anything like us – chances are you’ll spend more time exploring the beautiful pixelated scenery than actually attempting to clear the game…

For players who simply can’t get enough of #PixelArt on Twitter, this is a game you definitely won’t want to miss…

Played using a set of simple on screen controls and featuring over 40 unique levels for you to explore, this game really does pack quite a punch when it comes to features!

Last but not least, if you plug in a pair of headphones and crank up the volume, Cat Bird! features a distinctly retro style soundtrack that adds a slightly nostalgic feel to this otherwise hyper modern mobile game.

The Conclusion

So, if you’re after a game with beautiful graphics, cute characters, and hopefully many more levels to come (fingers crossed) this is the game for you.

Whether you’re a Cat Lover, a Bird Lover, (or even a Dog Lover), so long as you like platform games and can enjoy beautiful pixel graphics, chances are this game has something it in for you.

Want to give Cat Bird! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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