When you were young, did you ever try stacking your building blocks into a single ginormous tower? Unless you were playing with LEGO – which has the tendency to lock together – chances are it was a constant struggle against the elements (and your younger siblings) to stack any taller than 2 blocks high… If only your blocks were sticky…

Today we’ve got a game that confirms sticky objects, (or at least, Sticky Cats), don’t make building a tower any easier… Cat-A-Pult is a game that revolves around the ingenious(?) idea of catapulting cats onto one another in the hopes of building a massive kitty tower!

If you – like us – think this is a brilliant idea and have always wanted enough kittens to build a tower, well congratulations(!) this is the game for you! Played using simple tap and drag controls similar to those on Angry Birds your mission in this game is, (as stated above), to build a tower.

Unfortunately, building a Kitty Tower isn’t anywhere near as simple as you might first think. For starters, you will be required to land a kitten on a small round platform which acts as the base of your massive kitty tower. This is surprisingly difficult to do and took us way-way-way too many tries…😓

Secondly, once you’ve managed to land your first kitten, you’ll need to repeat this same process over and over without accidentally shooting a kitten way off your screen and GAME OVER. Once again, not the easiest thing to do…

With cute 8-bit pixel graphics that seem to beckon you to try again, and again, and again… This game is extremely simple in theory, yet annoyingly difficult in reality.

The Conclusion

Are you a cat game fan? If so, this is an – amazingly simple to play, almost impossible to master game for your smartphone. You’ll have a hard time getting a score higher than 6…

Ready to discover your true lack of skills? The download link is just below😉
(Please DON’T DO THIS to real cats!)

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