Casual Cube by Akos Makovics – Review

Why do games have to be hard? A word we see in about 83% of the review requests we receive is “Impossible”, “(INSERT GAME NAME) is an impossibly difficult game 99% of players fail at, and is super addictive!” Is failing addictive?

For players who are sick of failing, and would like to add a little more “success” to their gaming lives, here’s our review of Casual Cube one of the most “Casual” games we’ve reviewed to date.

Casual Cube is a simple game. No doubt this is one of the simplest games we’ve ever played where you actually do more than aimlessly ram your screen. To illustrate just how simple this game is, we managed to score 36 playing this game with our noses. – We had way too much fun “reviewing” Casual Cube…😓

Your mission in this “nose compatible” game is to work your way around a slowly crumbling stage without getting crushed by massive dropping boulders, or by getting spiked by bouncing spike covered rocks.

The stage on which your player – a cream colored square – bounces around slowly breaks under foot, so you’ll need to move relatively quickly when moving around.

The controls you’ll use to get your player around the stage are new and intelligent, tap on the left half of your device’s screen to move in whatever leftward direction is possible, type controls that are extremely easy to use, and are the number one reason why we were able to play this game with our noses. – Right of course is the opposite.

If playability is all that you care about, Casual Cube is probably the ultimate. – right now…

Though extremely casual with not too much to “show off” this game feels good in the hand and is the type of game you’ll just keep coming back to again and again.

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