After setting sail for hidden treasure, you smash into an island inhabited only by a loopy hermit and a talking parrot that – from the looks of it – caused you to crash in the first place.💥 …and so, you decide to build a village…

Personally, we feel that there are quite a few problems with the logic in this game, (i.e. Who in their right mind would venture to build a village on an uninhabited island?), but who are we to say what you can and can’t do inside a video game? Perhaps there is a smart way of attracting inhabitants…?

Anyway, after starting the game and skipping through the quick in-game tutorial, it will soon become apparent that Castaway Cove is another cross between a clicker game and a management game for your mobile devices, a little like Dungeon, Inc.Foodpia Tycoon, and Charming Keep, just to name a few…

Your mission in this game is simple. Create small self-sustained facilities such as wells, tents, and other such things in order to produce “Sand Dollars” you can use to pay for upgrades, new facilities, etc. As your village grows the number of stranded sailors who had a colorful parrot crash their boat, ahem, inhabitants who happen to wash up on your beach also begin to increase, allowing you to put more people to work gathering the necessary resources to create your island paradise!

With a loyal workforce that produces resources even while the app is closed, cute cartoon style graphics and a not a single pop-up Ad, (while we were playing the game at least), this is another one of those games wanna-be dictators simply can’t resist! Watch out(!) the NSA is probably watching you…😉

The Conclusion

Are you an aspiring dictator in need of a place to test out your “leadership skills”, why not give Castaway Cove a try? Who knows, you may discover you have a skill…

…Donald Trump Junior…😱😱😱

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