Car vs Cops

Do you love the action-packed high-speed car chases featured in almost every action movie you’ve probably ever seen!? If so, today we’ve got just the game for you! …hopefully, it won’t make you want to re-enact any of the crazy high-speed stunts you see in movies…

Car vs Cops (by Ketchapp and GalacticThumb) is a great game! Centered around avoiding police cars for as long as possible, Car vs Cops is played by either touching and dragging in order to toggle a Virtual Joystick or by touching on the left or right sides of the screen in order to turn left or right. Whichever option you choose the controls are very responsive and easy to use. 😆🎮

Similar to a certain game involving “Planes” and “Missiles” we previously reviewed, Car vs Cops requires players to maneuver their car in a way that makes police cars collide with one another and hopefully EXPLODE!!!🔥

The more police cars you destroy the higher your score becomes and by collecting coins you can unlock cool new cars to add to your collection. If you can stay within a certain distance of a police car without getting caught for a given amount of time, you can trigger “Combo Mode” which causes your score to build up much faster than usual.

You are given a total of 3 lives which makes playing the game much easier for beginners and the beautiful blocky 3D graphics look totally amazing! The only thing this game is lacking is… originality…

Car vs Cops is a perfect clone of the popular game Go Plane (by Voodoo). Put bluntly it is a complete and utter rip-off… Although Car vs Cops is an awesome game with better controls, better visuals, and fewer Ads than Go Plane, it is still sad that Ketchapp and GalacticThumb didn’t really add anything to this game to make it better…

It may look and feel better than the original, but it still somehow feels like a copy…

The Conclusion

If you’re in for a cool new game with simple controls, beautiful graphics, not too many Ads, and plenty of action, Car vs Cops is a game you won’t regret downloading on your iOS or Android device.

A great game we really enjoyed playing!

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