In most shooting games it is all about who shoots first. If you pull the trigger before your opponent even has a chance to aim, chances are you’re going to win. Super simple… Unfortunately, today’s game isn’t quite that easy…

Cannon Hero Must Die is a simple 2D blaster/shooter game where both your player, and your opponents are equipped with bazookas capable of taking each other out in just a single hit! The only funny thing is, you always get to shoot first.

Until you fire at your opponent, your enemy will just sit there and take whatever you have to throw at him. Although this gameplay system will make you begin to wonder whether you are really the “good guy” in this game, you pretty much have no other choice but to make sure your shot counts, because your enemy will never miss… ever…💀

Set on the tall watchtowers surrounding your enemy’s base, your mission in this game is to blast enemy watchmen as you charge further and further into enemy territory which is, by the way, infinite so good luck getting to the end if it…

The game is played by tapping and holding on the screen of your device to aim and releasing to fire. Very simple and easy to play, but also very simple and easy to mess up😱

Unfortunately, if you mess up there is literally no way to save your player so, the best advice we can give you is (GOOD LUCK!)

With a gameplay system that is both simple and easy to follow, cute visuals, and a minimal number of ads, which is a great thing in a game where you are constantly dying, Cannon Hero Must Die is a game we’d recommend to anyone who can overlook the fact that we are shooting at innocent watchmen that have done literally nothing to hurt us 😃

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