Buildy Blocks – Your childhood dream, finally a reality…!

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Back to the good old times when it was just you, your drooling little brother, and a massive pile of building blocks? Because it would be creepy for you to go buy building blocks now(?), today we’ve found an app that will do it all for you😉

Buildy Blocks is basically the childhood dream you never accomplished. With an infinite number of blocks, no time limit, and no natural disasters such as little brothers, little sisters, or worse, little brothers and sisters together with a big sister…💀  Your childhood dream is only just around the corner!

…Now, before you get too excited, you need to note, there’s a catch…

Buildy Blocks is a smartphone game set in a virtual 3D world with nothing (no wind, no micro earthquakes, nothing) to stop you from building on indefinitely… Where’s the challenge in that?

That’s why in Buildy Blocks you will be required to tap on the screen of your device in order to “place” blocks that slowly move back and forth above your tower. The position of your blocks, how balanced or unbalanced your final tower becomes is determined entirely by your sense of timing. (You can’t blame your younger siblings any more…)

Congratulations! you’ve just hit the conclusion, but don’t hit the “Download” button just yet, we’ve got one quick bit of advice for serious block building players.

In the real world “speed” and “building blocks” normally don’t mix. Normally you’d just knock something over and Game Over… but in the virtual world things work a little differently. You see, physics engines require “time” to calculate speed and momentum, something that just happens instantaneously in the real world. This means that if you’re fast enough, in the virtual world you can often stop an object from toppling over by quickly placing another object on top.

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