Bridge Constructor Portal

Ever imagined just how easy it would be to perform massive feats of engineering if only you had an endless supply of disposable test subjects? If so, this is a game that was practically designed for evil people like you. Congratulations. 😅

Bridge Constructor Portal (by Headup Games) is a game about building bridges that make maneuvering around the “Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center” a little easier. Set in a series of different test chambers filled with Deadly Obstacles, Toxic Fluids, and of course, Portals(!), your mission is to help get test subjects safely to the test chamber exit in one piece.

Played using a simple UI (User Interface) which allows players to construct bridges by simply touching and dragging on the screen of their device, the Bridge Building UI is actually a little harder to navigate than some other similar games we have previously reviewed, but packs more functionally once you’ve gotten the hang of things.

Once you’ve managed to successfully deliver one test vehicle to the exit without blowing up, you will be given the option of moving on to the next level or sending a convoy of vehicles into the test chamber all at once in order to see whether your skill holds up…

This one feature alone makes Bridge Constructor Portal way more of a challenge and 100 times more enjoyable! For starters, often your bridge won’t be able to hold up the weight of multiple vehicles at the same time, making designing your bridge more of a challenge.

Not only this but since you are dealing with portals, sometimes the paths of your vehicles will cross over… in mid-air… over acid… 😱

With a total of 60 test chambers for you to work your way through, the highest quality visuals we have ever seen in a game of its kind – which is kind of to be expected – and a personal walkthrough explaining the game by GLaDOS, this is a game every Portal fan – or aspiring engineer – needs on their smartphone!

…just remember, real people aren’t as easily disposable as they are in this game…
…you’ll have to fill out more paperwork in real life… 😈

The Conclusion

If you’re after a creative puzzle game that tests not only your skill to solve simple problems but to think creatively, then this is it. This is the game you need on your iOS or Android device.

Although a little pricey, considering what you are getting, your money will be well spent if you choose to download Bridge Constructor Portal.

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