Do you have a strong burning resentment toward user manuals? If you’re going to make a product why not make it simple and easy to use…!? Today we’ve got a game that is so intuitive, you’ll struggle to find a person who doesn’t know how to play…

Bouncy Hoops, as the name implies is a game about Basketball. Set in one of the many rough and tough corners of town, your mission in this game is to score as many points as possible within a given amount of time. Given around 3 – 5 seconds to score a point between successful dunks, Bouncy Hoops is played using a shockingly effective set of Flappy Bird style tap controls which aren’t far off brilliant!

Unlike pretty much every other Basketball game we’ve reviewed which make use of swipe or slingshot style controls, the controls in this game alone make playing basketball on a smartphone 10x more enjoyable!

By tapping on the screen of your device in order to flap/bounce your ball toward each new hoop, Bouncy Hoops allows you to quickly and easily score points in pretty much any situation. Single-handedly, inside a bustling train or bus, almost anywhere!

Although in our opinion the controls alone are enough to sell this game, Bouncy Hoops also features a nice set of pixel graphics and a bunch of different balls for you to unlock, just to keep you addicted for that little bit longer…😉

If you hate playing games that require complex touch gestures in order to perform the simplest of actions, Bouncy Hoops is a game you need on your smartphone phone…!

Ready to try your hand at the simplest mobile basketball game of all time?

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