Tired of sucking animals up into your UFO? Think it’s about time you did something other than stealing some unfortunate farmer’s produce? How about you start farming yourself? …On a Rocket…🚀

Bouncy Hero is a surprisingly intense runner game for your smartphone featuring the same cute blocky animals you started abducting a few months ago. Set on a farm designed by either a drunk or a complete lunatic, your mission in this game is to jump over fences, avoid sudden billboards, and ultimately round up your farm animals into one of the many oddly placed barns scattered around this extremely “unique” farm…

Although we would hate to work on a farm like this in real life, in a video game with Rockets, Mega Mushrooms, and Super Powerful Magnets to make your work easier, a farm that looks like an obstacle course is not that bad of a trade off.😉

Played using a simple set of (Touch and Drag) controls to move your player left and right, paired with an equally simple (Release to Jump) mechanism, Bouncy Hero allows you to Run, Jump, and even use items all singlehandedly. Never let go of the milkshake in your other hand…🍨😂

With a set of high end blocky 3D graphics and a number of different animals, players, and stages for you to unlock, Bouncy Hero is another great little runner game for you to check out.

If you’re after a runner game with completely new and innovative features! …this probably isn’t the game you are looking…

However, if all you need is a game with a decent level of functionality and a gameplay system that just works(!), Bouncy Hero is definitely one of the better games available.

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