Bouncy Cubes – A high end jumper with cute characters you’ll want to cuddle!

Do you play jumper games? Ever since the insanely popular Doodle Jump hit the App Store, thousands of new and apparently “insanely addictive” jumper games have flooded the newly formed game category. Today, we’ve got our hands on one of the best!

Bouncy Cubes is a very standard bouncer game. If you’re familiar with the gaming category you no doubt already know just as well as we do that there are numerous games similar to this game already on the App Store. “So why this one?” Because it was created by Akos Makovics…!

Akos Makovics has a reputation on Edamame Reviews for creating games with an almost insane level of quality most new game developers just can’t match, and Bouncy Cubes is no exception.

With lifelike 2D graphics and simple touch controls that make the game playable by almost anyone, this game has no special features or crazy gimmicks to grasp hold of your attention. Instead it sits humbly, a discreet veil of simplicity covering its blinding glow of quality. (Ok, we’re just having fun now…😉 )

Unfortunately every game has it’s faults, and Bouncy Cubes is was no exception. The single most annoying part of Bouncy Cubes is was “Gaming Over.” Although you could argue that it is always annoying when you lose a game, this game was (Past tense)” different.

Sometimes “single use items” are required to get from one platform to another meaning if you miss your chance it “should” be Game Over. This said, with Bouncy Cubes this doesn’t always happen. Your character will often get stuck in a position where it is impossible to get to the next stage, but with nothing threatening your character, you won’t automatically die, meaning you the player will have to choose to commit suicide in order to restart the game… This issue has been fixed by the developer! Thanks Guys!

If you care about both graphical quality and the user experience, Bouncy Cubes is a basic jumper game polished to a gleaming finish.

With simple touch controls, and cute lifelike characters, this game doesn’t have all that much more you could ask for…

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