When was the last time you actually enjoyed yourself on a jumping castle? Forgetting the fact that you are 2 or even 3 times bigger than the kids already having a good time, have you ever wistfully dreamed of bouncing to your full potential…? Yes, this is one of those games…

Set on the world’s largest bouncing castle, your mission in this game is to bounce your way around this monster of a bouncing castle while avoiding dangerous obstacles and stealing candy from the small children you rebound out in your fun. Bounce House in a nutshell…

Played using a slightly unusual set of (Touch to Jump) controls, Bounce House is played by touching the screen of your device in order to choose when and where to bounce. This basically means you can choose which set of kids to wipe out next with your adult-sized bounces. Although simple, you’ll need to keep an eye on what comes up ahead in order to avoid bouncing on any of the explosive obstacles. 💀💣

Other than tapping, you can also swipe right twice per jump in order to get just a little extra airtime which is very useful when avoiding the many “Child-Friendly(?)” explosives.

With excellent 3D graphics, a number of themes and skins for you to unlock and a bounce master who does absolutely nothing to prevent you from plowing down the children in his care, Bounce House is a game that allows you to be the monster of an adult you have always wanted to be. 😆

Take out all that stress of “acting” like a responsible adult…

The Conclusion

If you are still a child at heart and would actually love to be bouncing on that massive bouncing castle yourself instead of casually watching your son or daughter have a good time, this is a game that was practically designed for you!

Bearing an adult is so much fun…😭

Want to give Bounce House a try? The download link is just below.📲
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