Bounce Forever!

Helix Jump meets Splashy… plus a bunch of other different and very popular games…! Bounce Forever! (by Voodoo and cassette) is essentially Voodoo’s take on Doodle Jumpand it actually turned out pretty good!

For anyone who actually still plays Doodle Jump, today we’ve got a modern update for your iOS device you may just want to check out. Set in pretty much the same simple & minimalistic 3D environment as Helix Jump, Splashy and a bunch of other games from Voodoo, this game essentially copies the gameplay of Doodle Jump and makes it feel way more Voodoo. Which in this case may not actually be a bad thing…

At this point, Doodle Jump looks and feels like an old game. It isn’t old enough to be considered retro, yet it isn’t new enough for it to really fit in with all the cool new games on your phone.

Bounce Forever! modernizes everything we disliked about Doodle Jump with a brand new look, swipe-based controls instead of Doodle Jump’s hideous tilt controls, and a more modern UI. At this point, everything should sound amazing, and it is… except for the Ads…

It should be common knowledge by now that old games have far fewer Ads, (if any), compared with more modern games where Ads seem to take up 1/3 of your gameplay. If you were a die-hard fan of Doodle Jump – which didn’t have any Ads if I remember correctly – we recommend buying the IAP to remove Ads, as it makes Bounce Forever! far more enjoyable.

Other than Ads, Bounce Forever! is simple and easy to play, and allows you to achieve a fairly high score rather quickly which is always good for your motivation… or should I say ego…!

The Conclusion

There really isn’t a lot to say about this game other than it just feels better. If you have no idea what Doodle Jump is, this may be the single least descriptive review we have ever written… Sorry about that… Here is a super fast description.

Bounce Forever! – bounce a ball up floating platforms by sliding your finger left and right across the screen in order to control your player. The higher you go the harder it gets…

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