Simple games are nice, flashy games are cool, but little can compare with a game that is truly beautiful, …and today we’ve got a game that is utterly breathtaking…

Blue Edge may just be the best looking 2D/3D avoider game we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews. With graphics that look like a cut out of heaven, a soundtrack that could sell on its own(!), and small artistic tweaks hidden throughout the entire game, Blue Edge is a game you’d feel wrong to uninstall…

With a simple (Touch and Drag) based gameplay system that seems to also include an automatic stabilization mechanism to help you better avoid obstacles(?), simply put, this is no doubt going to be one of the best games you will ever come across… in 2017…

Featuring 2 main game modes, an (Endless Mode) and a (Story Mode) filled with strangely inspirational quotes, Blue Edge is somewhat similar to the awesomely popular game Duet in how it inspires players to keep going, instead of simply annoying players into playing again.

If there were to be one downside to this game, it would probably be the beautiful graphics that make it unique. The graphics in this game are so beautiful, at first, it is almost difficult to focus on the game without getting distracted by a shiny object gliding past…😉

The Conclusion

Overall, Blue Edge is a simple, beautiful, and functional game packed into a single free package with a minimal number of ads. Whether you love or hate 2D/3D avoidance games, this is a game anyone with the ability to appreciate beauty will enjoy.

Need more beauty in your life? The download link is just below😉

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