Are you a fan of all things cute and cuddly? Today we’ve got a game that is definitely cute, but maybe not so cuddly… Blokin (by Fluffy Menace Games) is a blocky 3D puzzle game with some of the cutest characters you’ve ever seen in a mobile puzzle game! Just be careful when hugging – those edges look a little sharp… 😛

Played on a series of different minimalistic stages, your mission in this game is to presumably help your character get from his starting position to a “Blue Tile” located somewhere on the stage in as few moves as possible. Played by swiping on the screen of your device in order to tell your player which way to run, your player will dash in whatever direction you tell him until he physically crashes into something or is in danger of falling to his death.💀 (Just like most 4-year-old children…)

For anyone who has played a lot of puzzle games, Blokin shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how to play, especially since the game doesn’t seem to specify what the minimum number of moves are in order to complete each level. This is kind of strange, especially considering it is a puzzle game after all(!), but perhaps it is to prevent players like us from puzzling over a level for hours trying to figure out how to complete it within 13 moves…🤷‍♂️

Because there doesn’t seem to be a minimum number of moves or a maximum number of moves for that matter, Blokin also happens to be one of the fastest puzzle games we have ever played! So long as you enjoy the gameplay, you can power through the levels in Blokin like no one’s business, because there is quite literally nothing designed to stop you!

For some, this may defeat the purpose of a puzzle game while for others this may be exactly what you want. It is pretty much up to personal preference.

Last but not least, the graphics in this game are amazing! With a clean distraction-free design, we’re not quite sure if we’re allowed to call Blokin minimalistic since it is packed with cool little visual effects, but yet has very little to distract you from the core gameplay itself…

Either way, there is an AR mode for people with an iPhone or iPad that supports AR. Although it looks cool,  chances are you will never actually use it. 😓

The Conclusion

Whether you consider yourself good or bad at playing puzzle games, Blokin is a game you’ll likely find easy enough to play. Personally, we found it almost on the too easy side, however, this could simply be because we haven’t had enough time to work our way up to the “Really Hard 😈” levels yet…

If you have an iPhone and are looking for a cute puzzle game, Blokin is well worth checking out.

Want to give Blokin a try? The download link is just below.📲
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