Do you remember playing a game called Lego Racers? Initially released back in July of 1999, Lego Racers was a game that sucked players into the Lego universe, changing their lives forever!

Not only did this game influence small children around the world to spend all of their money buying Lego merchandise, but it may have even influenced a cool new game called Blocky Racing (by Nexx Studio and PixelFresh). Blocky Racing is a simple top-down racing game for iOS and Android that really reminds us of the small lego racers we played with in Lego Racers.

Set on a blocky pixelated 3D racetrack, your mission in this game is to battle it out with your opponents for 1st place while attempting to keep your car in as-close-to-one-piece as possible…

Played using fully destructible pixelated cars, Blocky Racing isn’t exactly your average mobile racing game. Featuring “Items” you can use to literally demolish your opponents, “Speed Boosters”, and most importantly “Repair Areas” that repair your car when you drive over them, Blocky Racing is a game that puts your ability to drive fast while avoiding collisions to the test. A skill you don’t really need in most racing games…

Played by touching on the left and right sides of the screen in order to turn left and right, Blocky Racing is actually a surprisingly easy game for new players (or players who don’t usually play racing games) to get into. Featuring a steady progression from easy to hard, Blocky Racing starts out fairly easy before building up to become quite a challenge.😆

The Conclusion

With a simplistic 3D design, an abundance of levels for you to race your way through, over 15 uniquely blocky cars for you to unlock, and a minimal number of Ads (or at least not Ads that are constantly in your face), Blocky Racing is an awesome little racing game that really reminds us of the Lego race cars we used to play with.

If you loved playing Lego Racers almost 20 years ago, Blocky Racing is a game you will likely really enjoy!

Want to give Blocky Racing a try? The download link is just below.📲
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