Block it

Block it by Ketchapp is basically an unbeatable air hockey machine for your smart phone.

The aim of the game is, well, the same as normal air hockey, not to let the puck into your goal. Now the thing different to normal air hockey is that there is no goal on the other side, plus the puck increases in speed every time you block it…

The aim of the game is to see how many times you can protect your goal with all thinkable odds against you. If you like things to be fair this game isn’t for you… Honestly, at first I found Block it just really annoying!

Seriously, what kind of person would design such an unfair game! But the strange thing is after a while, you start to get it. By the end of it I nearly jumped out of my chair when I scored 38, my current high score.

Block it is a game for those people who like a challenge. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes or liked flappy bird. But if you are one of those people who don’t like to have the odds against them, this game probably is your worst nightmare.

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